Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Prep Chroma announces training dates for March 2011

Introduction to Preparative LC (1 day)
Date: 29th March 2011
Location: Manchester
Email: info@prepchroma.com for further details

Introduction to LCMS (1 day)
Date: 31st March 2011
Location: Manchester
Email: info@prepchroma.com for further details

Monday, 8 November 2010

Cellufine (Cellulose-based) Chromatography Media

Cellufine (Cellulose-based) Chromatography Media are now available to order through Prep Chroma.

Cellufine is the preferred chromatography media for the purification of proteins, enzymes and other bio-active substances. It is made from spherical cellulose with its typical characteristics of high mechanical strength, chemical stability and bio-compatibility. And particularly suited to pharmaceutical and Food applications.

Cellufine product range covers all liquid chromatography modes - Gel Filtration, Ion-Exchange, Affinity and Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography. These products are available as bulk as well as in mini-column formats for use on HPLC instruments.

For more information please contact info@prepchroma.com

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

SiliaChrom HPLC Columns (SiliCycle, Canada)

SiliaChrom HPLC columns (Silicycle, Canada), can now be ordered from Prep Chroma.
SiliaChrom HPLC columns cover a wide range of applications such as normal phase, reverse phase, ion-exchange - silica and polymer-based, chiral, sugar and protein analysis. And cover analytical, semi-preparative and preparative analysis. Guard columns are also available. For technical and ordering information contact info@prepchroma.com

Monday, 19 April 2010

LC-MS Training Course in Manchester July 2010

Registration is now open for our LC-MS training course (4 days) running in Manchester in July. E-mail info@prepchroma.com for registration details.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Cecil Instruments launch Semi-Prep HPLC Pump

Using over 40 years experience of HPLC instrumentation, Cecil Instruments have added an enhanced semi-prep HPLC pump to their existing Adept range. The pump has a flow rate range of 0.01 to 50ml/min and can be used in isocratic as well as high pressure gradient modes. It offers the advantage of smooth, easy and reproducible transitions in scaling up from analytical to semi-preparative work.
Being a modular HPLC component, this pump can be used with AutoQuest autosampler, Column heater/chillers, WaveQuest UV/VIS ultra-fast scanning detectors, and fraction collectors for complete automation in the long-term, fast and reliable collection of fractions. It may also be used with third party systems.
It is easy and fast to install, virtually plug and play. Please mail info@prepchroma.com for more information.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Prep Chroma and Yamazen Corp form Partnership

Prep Chroma announces partnership with Yamazen Corp. This agreement enables Prep Chroma to distribute Yamazen's preparative LC products in the UK and parts of Europe.

Yamazen Corp. has over 35 years experience in designing and manufacturing medium presssure liquid chromatography (MPLC) instruments and consumables for the purification market. Its W-Prep Flash Chromatography system is the only independent dual channel flash LC system on the market i.e. two samples can be purified at the same time. Yamazen's LC systems are complimented by large-scale prep columns and flash columns and cartridges packed under proprietary Yamazen technology. For more information click http://www.chromstore.com/p0/flash-lc-systems/92.htm or contact us at info@prepchroma.com

Monday, 18 January 2010

training seminars - March 2010

Prep Chroma is running its basic preparative LC course in March 2010. There is a choice of locations i.e. available in Manchester, London and Cambridge.
Seminar covers basic chromatography, column and hardware characteristics and how these determine purification strategies and capabilities. These seminars would be benefical to scientists who perform preparative chromatoghraphy as a lateral duty.
e-mail info@prepchroma.com for further details