Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Cecil Instruments launch Semi-Prep HPLC Pump

Using over 40 years experience of HPLC instrumentation, Cecil Instruments have added an enhanced semi-prep HPLC pump to their existing Adept range. The pump has a flow rate range of 0.01 to 50ml/min and can be used in isocratic as well as high pressure gradient modes. It offers the advantage of smooth, easy and reproducible transitions in scaling up from analytical to semi-preparative work.
Being a modular HPLC component, this pump can be used with AutoQuest autosampler, Column heater/chillers, WaveQuest UV/VIS ultra-fast scanning detectors, and fraction collectors for complete automation in the long-term, fast and reliable collection of fractions. It may also be used with third party systems.
It is easy and fast to install, virtually plug and play. Please mail info@prepchroma.com for more information.

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