Tuesday, 8 February 2011

TLC Reader for Yamazen Flash Chromatography System

In normal phase chromatography, chemists would typically run a TLC on their samples prior to column chromatography. This involves the time-wasting process of calculating the TLC Rf values for the target compound. Yamazen has introduced a TLC plate reader to work in an automated mode with its Flash Chromatography Systems. So that now, a chemist would run a TLC and simply place the TLC plate on the reader, then the TLC image reader would read and calculate the Rf vlaues. These values and the solvent mixture is fed to Yamazen's patented automated method setting software which develops a gradient method that elutes the compound of interest at 4-column volumes. This minimizes solvent use and waste disposal while achieving good sample separation. Hence, Eco-friendly and substantial savings on lab expenses.
Yamazen Science is at booth #409, ACS Exposition, Anaheim California, March 28-30, 2011

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